Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Drunk and Distracted Driving Program Comes to Carroll High School

Carroll High will host “Game Over,” a program aimed at raising awareness of both drunk and distracted driving among teens on May 23 and May 24.

Wednesday, May 23, will feature a mock car accident and realistic response from City of Southlake Fire and EMS, Careflight, and Southlake Police. Students will be on site to witness the first responders work through the crash site. Student volunteers will serve as actors in this mock crash presentation. This will take place at Carroll High School at 800 N. White Chapel and should begin at 9:30 and conclude at approximately 10:45.

Also, throughout the day, additional volunteer students will be pulled from class every 15 minutes to represent the frequency that a teen is killed by a drunk or distracted driver. Each time, a Police Chaplain, Police Officer, and the Grim Reaper will enter a classroom and read an obituary prepared by the parents, then remove the student from class. These students will have makeup applied to represent their ‘death’ and they will return to class, where they will not speak for the remainder of the day. This is to reinforce that student is no longer there.

The following day, May 24, CHS will be hosting a student assembly featuring a guest speaker who has been affected by drunk driving. Students will hear her story and how these actions have affected her family.

This program is a very powerful reminder of the effects both drunk driving and distracted driving have on teenagers. Officers hope that this experience will help students make the right decision when it comes to drinking and driving, as well as texting and driving.