Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Southlake Police Offer House Watch Program When You’re Away

With the inevitable blazing summer heat comes pool parties, get togethers, and family vacations.  One benefit of living in a community like Southlake, is our House Watch program.  If you plan on leaving for a weekend or a week, fill out a quick online form notifying the Southlake Police Department when you will be gone and when you will return.

After your quick registration, officers each shift and our citizens on patrol will be notified you are out of town.  When they aren’t answering calls or conducting traffic stops, they will come by your home, check the doors and verify the information you provided us.  If there’s a strange car in your driveway, then you’ll be getting a call asking about it.

There’s a few other questions we ask you to fill out as well, to make sure we are aware of all of the surroundings.  For instance, have you left pets in your yard that might surprise and attack one of our officers?  Have you scheduled a pool cleaner or a lawn mowing service that might be at the house?  Is your alarm set?  Should lights be on inside and are they on a schedule?  The more information your give us, the better we can protect your home.

The House Watch program is an invaluable tool and is available every day of the year.  So whether you take a week off to see grandma in New York or leave for a weekend staycation in Fort Worth, you can have the peace of mind knowing your home is being watch by Southlake’s finest.

Please also remember to update us if your travel plans change—if you get home early, if one of your kids “drop by” from college, or if all of the sudden there’s a Doberman in the back yard.  Just log into the House Watch account or contact our dispatch at 817-743-4524.

Creating a House Watch account is quick and easy.  Head over to