Saturday, September 23, 2023

Foam Home: Southlake Fire Trains for Hazardous Materials

This past week, the Southlake Fire Department continued their trend of excellence by training in basic Haz-Mat response both in the classroom and in the field.

Firefighters use a program called HazMat IQ that identifies different types of hazardous chemicals and then shows the make up of it and how best to contain it.  “This particular piece of equipment and software allows us to better understand the type of chemical we could be dealing with and its associated hazards,” Chief Ryan Arthur said.

In the field, Tri-Dal LLC (a local Southlake chemical manufacturing company) loaned the department an International 4700-DT466 diesel truck to make the scenario as real as possible.  When the FTO (field training officer) gave the word, firefighters used the foam to form a barrier between a possible fuel spill and the air, preventing the chemical from igniting.  By using the proper movements of the nozzle, the firefighters can push the foam blanket farther and farther away from the danger so that they can eventually get in and safely clear the hazard.

The Southlake Fire Department conducts this quarterly training to make sure firefighters use the correct type of nozzles, appliances, and hoselays, as well as the correct type of concentrate and proper application.  They must spray the foam so that the fuel is not splashed onto people or into exposures.

“I’m proud to represent an organization that maintains focus on providing the highest level of hazard mitigation while ensuring excellent customer service,” Chief Arthur said.

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