Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Behind the Scenes at Stars & Stripes

For almost 20 years thousands of people have descended on Town Square to enjoy a family-fun, patriotic event, complete with food, music, and fireworks. The annual event is one of the largest coordinated by the City and requires the good work of numerous employees and volunteers to ensure it is fun and safe for everyone.

The exciting aspects of the event can overshadow the very important, behind-the-scenes work of some of Southlake’s most dedicated employees who provide non-public safety traffic control and staff the street barricades.

“It would be impossible to host Stars & Stripes without our park, recreation and public works employees who are stationed at important locations within the environment,” said Chris Tribble, Director of Community Services. “They are the unsung heroes of the event. We literally couldn’t do it without them.”

Working in the sweltering heat is a challenge, but turning someone away on a closed street can lead to some unpleasant encounters. The team is more than equipped to handle anything that may come up, professionally and positively.

“All of our employees do a great job ensuring that we have a super event for Independence Day, but some don’t get to do the exciting work,” said City Manager Shana Yelverton. “We’re very appreciative of those who help out in any way needed.”

For their Stars & Stripes work that may go unnoticed, members of Parks and Recreation (Community Services), Public Works and Planning & Development Services Departments have been selected as this quarter’s unsung heroes. A big thank you to them all!