Monday, October 3, 2022

Connect Southlake | Stephanie Taylor

“In an attractive, growing community such as Southlake, one has to adapt to change quickly in addition to balancing often competing interests. I’m looking forward to helping support the highest quality of life for Southlake as a world-class community.”

Stephanie Taylor is the City of Southlake’s first Transportation Manager. Her job and the job of the City’s Traffic Management team is to help connect Southlake residents to where they need to go safely and efficiently, which is why the lead line on her Linked-In biography will serve her well in Southlake: “Dedicated to improving equity, access, and safety for all road users.”

For Stephanie it’s not just about building roads, it’s about listening, planning and thinking through complex mobility problems while preserving pedestrian and driver safety.  It’s also about how those new and rehabilitated roads will be maintained and connect neighborhoods and communities.  It’s a good thing she has a passion for people and working with them to figure out practical solutions for extraordinarily complex mobility challenges.

“I am fortunate to have been able to get in the trenches and work with concerned residents to address their needs directly throughout my career,” said Taylor.  In the City of Falls Church, Virginia, Taylor worked with a citizen committee to help create safe times and places for kids to play in the street and allow families to interact with each other “further dispelling the myth that traffic engineers only care about vehicles.”

“Stephanie gets it when it comes to figuring out how to get people to places they desire to go,” said Public Works Director Rob Cohen.  “Her proven ability to listen, formulate and develop an action plan adds tremendous capability to our team’s focus on improving mobility throughout the City.”

Alongside her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Civil Engineering, she has also learned how to use technology to turn sustainable ideas into better mobility and better connectivity.

“Nothing is more important for a public employee than valuing the strength and the safety of the community she serves,” added Cohen.

We couldn’t agree more! Now about that intersection at Dove and SH 114…