Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Southlake Fire Deploys Three Firefighters to Fight Blazes in California

The State of California has requested wild land firefighting resources from Texas to address their dire wildfire situation and the Southlake Fire Department will be sending three of their own to assist in fighting the blazes as part of TIFMAS (Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System).

Our specially trained firefighters will land in Sacramento tomorrow evening.  From there they will join up with local efforts and be deployed to either the Carr Fire or other fires in Orange County.  Each strike team will have fire trucks as part of their team, and will then drive into high risk areas, setting up a base camp with tents, MREs, and medical supplies, and then hike on foot in full gear up to five miles a day.

California is experiencing very high temperatures, consistently strong winds, and an abnormal statewide drought which has resulted in multiple very large fires burning across the state.  Tens of thousands of residents have been displaced and more than 1,000 homes have been destroyed.  Firefighters were requested to bring both wildland gear and structural gear, as their mission may shift during their time deployed.

Southlake firefighters will be deployed for 14 days, and then return home and be replaced by three more Southlake firefighters, as we are committed to assisting for 28 days.  These personnel will provide fresh resources to support the current efforts to preserve life and property.

Please keep these brave heroes in your thoughts over the next month.