Friday, October 30, 2020

Carroll Cross Country Opens Season Under The Friday Night Lights

The Dragon Boys teams came away with first-place finishes in each of their four races to kick off the season. The Girls Teams came away with strong results earning third and fourth place finishes in the Woodlands and second place finishes in each of the races in Carrollton.

Friday Night Lights (Woodlands) – Varsity Elite

The Carroll Boys Elite Varsity A team took 1st place in this fast 4000-meter race with Nate Lannen leading the team followed by Steven Torres, Drew Bliss, Hayden Coleman, Jack Myers, Kieran Beirne and Antonio Florcruz rounding out the top seven for the team. The Boys Elite Varsity B team, also racing the 4000-meter course, won top honors as well placing first in their race with Matthew Sims leading, followed by Grant Anderson, Tim Mcelaney, Lucas Levant, Bradley Heidebrecht and Nicolas Arriaza rounding out the team.

The Girls Elite Varsity A team came away with a third-place finish with Lydia Lo leading the team followed by Sofia Santamaria, Grace Williamson, Jenna Holland, Payton Wichman, Tatum Foreman and Kate Reppeto rounding out the top seven for the team in their 2-mile race. The Girls Elite Varsity B team, also racing in the 2-mile, placed fourth and was led by Laurel Hook, followed by Erin Fritz, Madalyn Wardin and Alexa Karmis with Kaitlyn Midkiff rounding out their team.

Friday Night Hawk Invite (Carrollton) – Varsity & JV

Southlake Carroll had teams competing in both the Varsity and JV divisions at the Friday Night Hawk Invite. In their 2-mile races, both the Boys Varsity and JV teams came away with first places finishes, while the Girls Varsity and JV teams landed 2nd place finishes in each of their 2-mile races.

Head Cross Country Coach Justin Leonard commented, “We are very proud of the way our kids competed in our opening meets. It’s always nice to finally get to race some of teams and individuals after a long summer of running against teammates. We are pleased with the results but we realize there is still a lot of work to be done in order to achieve our goals for the end of the season. It’s a long season but the ability to come to practice each day with a desire to improve is going to be the key to our success this season.”

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS – Boys Results (4000-meters)
Varsity A:
4th – Nate Lannen 12:44
6th – Steven Torres 12:49
10th – Drew Bliss 12:58
12th – Hayden Coleman 13:02
18th – Jack Myers 13:09
20th – Kieran Beirne 13:13
22nd – Antonio Florcruz 13:17

Varsity B:
1st – Matthew Sims 13:20
3rd – Grant Anderson 13:30
14th – Lucas Levant 13:50
19th – Bradley Heidebrecht 13:56
20th – Nick Arriaza 13:58

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS – Girls Results (2-mile)
Varsity A :
9th – Lydia Lo 12:15
14th – Sofia Santamaria – 12:20
23rd – Grace Williamson 12:26
26th – Jenna Holland 12:27
32nd – Payton Wichman 12:35
38th — Tatum Foreman 12:38
42nd – Kate Reppeto 12:40

Varsity B:
2nd – Laurel Hook 12:51
7th – Erin Fritz 13:05
11th – Madalyn Wardin 13:11
26th Alexa Karmis 13:29
38th — Caitlyn Midkiff 13:39

HAWK INVITE – Boys Results (2-mile)
Boys Varsity
3rd – Duncan Brown 10:27
5th – Michael McCabe10:37
8th – Brett Naughton 10:43
9th – Mason Alexander 10:44
10th – Brian McCarthy 10:45
20th – Ryan Hurrell 10:58
26th – Devin Aydon 11:05

Boys JV
3rd — Jake Booher 10:52
4th – Chase Fisher 10:54
7th – Jack Meyer 11:03
10th – Joe Gardner 11:10
14th – Bryan Fernando 11:14
15th – Luke Darrah 11:16
16th – Matthew Varriale 11:22

HAWK INVITE – Girls Results (2-mile)
Girls Varsity
1st – Lauren Langenberg 12:14
10th – Nikoletta Shockley 12:52
15th – Olivia Jones 13:03
18th – Haiden Scarborough 13:06
31st – Shreya Veeravelli 13:28
38th – Audrey Kwentus 13:34
49th—Serena Young 13:49

Girls JV
4th – Sydney Schelling 13:35
7th – Kristin Mader 13:45
11th – Lauren Lund 13:52
12th – Stephanie Smith 13:59
15th – Kaylie Cox 14:05
19th – Karely Beall 14:13
24th – Kacy Middleton 14:18

Next up, the Dragon Cross Country teams will be heading to Denton for the Marcus I Invitational held at North Lakes Park Saturday, September 1, 2018.