Thursday, August 11, 2022

Council Approves Public Arts Master Plan as element of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan

City Council voted on Tuesday, September 18 to adopt the Public Arts Master Plan, a cohesive vision and strategy for Southlake’s Public Art initiative.  It also identifies opportunities, recommendations and resources to promote public art in Southlake.

“The city gains value through public art – cultural, social and economic. One of the most fascinating aspects of public arts is that it is accessible to everyone; it is a staple in our community that tells a story about the city’s history, citizens and artistic style,” said Senior Director of Planning and Development Services Ken Baker. “Public art can be displayed in many forms, sizes and scales, from a sculpture to a milestone to an eye-catching abstract piece that reflects our city’s values, invigorates public spaces and creates uniqueness to the community.”

Highlights of the plan include:

Public Art Collection Building and Maintenance: The mission of the Southlake Public art initiative is to create a better visual environment for residents and visitors.  Recommendations focus on maintaining the visibility of the public art collection by reviewing landscape and lighting surrounding public art installments in addition to optimizing visibility of the collection. The plan also covers diversifying Southlake’s Public Art Collection by partnering with arts agencies, enhancing art donations and updating and engaging the public on procurement process.

The plan identifies opportunities to add public art to Southlake’s collection and guidance on how to expand the Public Arts Program, including recommendations to the Carillon project, installing interactive art and incorporating art into park design and redevelopment.

Other recommendations call on expanding on current partnerships, identifying new partnerships, marketing opportunities and recognizing programs that highlight or increase performing arts opportunities such as film, literature, dance, music and theatre.

To learn more about the Public Arts Master Plan, click here.

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