Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Carroll Choir Earns Top Spots in Region Honor Choirs

The Carroll Choir had a record-setting day on Saturday, October 20, when 38 members of the Carroll Choral Department competed in the Texas Music Educators Association Region 31 Region Round of All-State Auditions and the 9th/10th Grade Honor Choir Auditions at Colleyville Heritage High School. Carroll had 28 students earn top spots in one of the Region Honor Choirs, and nine students qualified for the third round of All-State auditions. Students who qualified for Pre-Area will audition on Thursday, November 15, at Carroll Senior High School, which will be the next to last round of auditions before All-State in February.

All singers listed will participate in the Region Clinic and Concert at First United Methodist Church of Grapevine on Saturday, November 10.

Pre-Area Candidates – Region Mixed Honor Choir

Student Name, Rank, Advance, Organization

  • Amber Meagher, 1, PRE-AREA, Region Mixed Choir
  • Emma Cave, 3, PRE-AREA, Region Mixed Choir
  • James Wade, 3, PRE-AREA, Region Mixed Choir
  • Reilly Buckley, 4, PRE-AREA, Region Mixed Choir
  • Devan DeLugo, 5, PRE-AREA, Region Mixed Choir
  • Bill Kahn, 6, PRE-AREA, Region Mixed Choir
  • Joy Choo, 8, PRE-AREA, Region Mixed Choir
  • Harrison Moore, 11, PRE-AREA, Region Mixed Choir
  • Sebastian Poorman, 14, PRE-AREA, Region Mixed Choir

Region Mixed Honor Choir

Student Name, Rank, Organization

  • Debopreeta Bhattacharya, 17, Region Mixed Choir
  • Aidan Mondress, 17, Region Mixed Choir
  • Michelle D’Amico, 18, Region Mixed Choir
  • Liam Timberlake, 18, Region Mixed Choir

Region Treble Choir

Student Name, Rank, Organization

  • Aubrey Parr, 19, Region Treble Choir
  • Sarah Breeding, 19, Region Treble Choir
  • Caitlin Davidson, 20, Region Treble Choir
  • Aubrey Anderson, 23, Region Treble Choir
  • Kelley Anne Richards, 27, Region Treble Choir
  • Addison Meek, 29, Region Treble Choir
  • Miranda King, 30, Region Treble Choir
  • Madeleine Hartman, 31, Region Treble Choir
  • Madeleine Nelson, 32, Region Treble Choir
  • Alyssa Zahalsky, 36, Region Treble Choir

9th/10th Grade Honor Choir

Student Name, Rank, Advance, Organization

  • Erin Pitcher, 4, Region 31 Honor Choir
  • Abigail Balson, 7, Region 31 Honor Choir
  • Ramitha Mallavarapu, 12, Region 31 Honor Choir
  • Sage Copling, 15, Region 31 Honor Choir
  • Sean Kelson, 17, Region 31 Honor Choir