Wednesday, October 28, 2020

City Reports on Capital Improvement Projects

The city’s Capital Improvement Projects are well underway! Public Works Director Rob Cohen presented an update on the program at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, October 2. The capital improvement program includes the anticipated capital project costs for the next five fiscal years. As part of the FY2019 budget, the CIP is on track to improve in the following areas:


In the last year, Matthews Court, the Kirkwood Boulevard widening and intersection improvements, and paving projects of Continental and N. Peytonville Avenue were successfully completed.

Improvements to reduce traffic congestion on SH 114 Frontage Road continues as the city has partnered with TxDOT. The widening of N. White Chapel from Highland to SH 114 is also still in progress.

Construction on the Zena Rucker Road extension advances to accommodate future development of commercial and residential properties.  The bid to connect Nolen Drive in Southlake to Nolen Drive in Grapevine is set to take place the first quarter of FY2019.

The City also anticipates completing the enhancements to intersection of FM 1938 and FM 1709 by the second quarter of FY2019.

Sewer, Utility, Water Projects

The city continues to make improvements to the water system by taking the necessary steps to develop solutions to maintain water quality.

A sewer line protection study was conducted to develop a proactive plan to protect our sanitary sewer facilities from threats of erosion and discharges of wastewater.

Several measures to maintain efficient waste and water systems have been taken such as, an installation of a water line, Torian Lift station, water mixers installed in elevated water tanks, painting and repairs to ground storage tanks and sewer line improvements for Commerce/Market Loop and Summerplace Road intersection.

The City is working on the installation of an N-1 metering station (measures wastewater flow to the TRA treatment plant) and the installation of a water line for fuel farm fire protection.  Other water line improvements include Union Church Road, North Pearson Road and Whispering Dell Lane/Court.  Repairs for the ground storage reservoir are also underway.

Storm water

The Zena Road box culvert at Matthews’s Court has been completed.  Drainage improvements have been made at Summerplace Road. “We do have funds to address and the evaluate some of the drainage basins that will allow us to have more impressive CIP projects to improve our drainage capacity,” said Cohen during his presentation.

The design for improvement on Florence Road will be completed this year. A bid for weir repair on Patterson Road is set to take place in the First Quarter of FY2019.

For more information on projects, events and milestones, please visit the city website

You can watch the council presentation here.