Friday, October 23, 2020

Fourth Generation of S.K.I.L. Students Kick-Off the Year Talking About Leadership

The community’s youth leadership program S.K.I.L. (Southlake Kids Interested in Leadership), kicked-off its first meeting with the fourth generation of students on Monday, October 15 with Mayor Laura Hill and Council Member Chris Archer to discuss leadership in the community.

More than four years ago, Mayor Laura Hill envisioned a youth leadership program that would create better decision makers by engaging students in their community. From this vision, S.K.I.L. was formed and has become a valuable and highly sought after program. Students in the program are selected from Carroll Senior High School at the beginning of each academic year. The program allows students to participate in a meaningful way to make the Southlake community better.

“This is the fourth year for the program and it keeps getting better every year. We have to make sure our youth and future generations are equipped with good leaders and S.K.I.L. is just the right tool to help make that happen,” said Mayor Laura Hill.

Training future leaders brings in a new generation of fresh ideas and helps to foster an interest in good government. “I am beyond excited to welcome this new group of leaders and work with them. The program creates meaningful life experiences for the students that they can take with them in future leadership roles,” said Deputy Director of Economic Development & Tourism Daniel Cortez.

This year’s group of S.K.I.L. students will get to work with the City on various topics such as finance, infrastructure and development in addition to working with Carroll Independent School District and the Southlake Chamber of Commerce. One new addition to the program this year is a youth entrepreneurship focus where the students will work with the program’s newest partner, TD Ameritrade, to sharpen their entrepreneurial skills.

This year’s selected S.K.I.L. students are: Emma Cave, Christopher Ciccone, Trevor Easton, Eric Eaton, Chase Gardiner, Olivia Hein, Nadia Khalil, Lauren Kim, Emily Kennedy, Sachi Kishinchandani, Zeena Mahmud, Kelli Nusspickel, Sophia Polisetty, Ryan Sahihi, Rohun Shroff, Simrun Shroff, Farees Syed, Pablo Valderrama Pena, Matthew Vinson, Michelle Wu.

For more information about the S.K.I.L. Program click here.