Saturday, October 31, 2020

National Community Planning Month Proclamation

October is National Planning month- A time to celebrate the role and value of planning in creating great communities. According to the American Planning Association, planning is “When government officials, business leaders and citizens come together to build communities that enrich people’s lives.”

Planning includes creating long-term, vision-oriented master plans such as the 2035 Comprehensive Plan and implementing those plans to create great places and services. It is about creating a framework for a flourishing business environment, protecting the environment and building places for healthy opportunities and physical activity. It is about placing investment in public services such as water, sewer, parks, streets, sidewalks and more.

On October 8, 2018, in Southlake Town Hall, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Shawn McCaskill along with Planning and Zoning Commissioner Dan Kubiak presented the Planning and Development Services Department with a proclamation designating October as Community Planning Month in conjunction with the celebration of National Community Planning Month.

This proclamation recognizes the many valuable contributions made by planning staff as well as dedicated appointed officials and members of the community who contribute to the development of Southlake. Click here to visit the City’s website to find out more about planning in the City of Southlake.

Read the entire proclamation below:


 change is constant and affects all cities, towns, suburbs, counties,
 boroughs, townships, rural areas, and other places; and,
Whereas, community planning and plans can help manage this change in a way that provides better choices for how people work and live; and,
Whereas, community planning provides an opportunity for all residents to be meaningfully involved in making choices that determine the future of their community; and,
Whereas, the full benefits of planning requires public officials and citizens who understand, support, and demand excellence in planning and plan implementation; and,
Whereas, the month of October is designated as National Community Planning Month throughout the United States of America and its territories; and,
Whereas, the celebration of National Community Planning Month gives us the opportunity to publicly recognize the participation and dedication of the members of planning commissions and other citizen planners who have contributed their time and expertise to the improvement of the City of Southlake; and,
Whereas, we recognize the many valuable contributions made by
professional community and regional planners of the City of Southlake and extend our heartfelt thanks for the continued commitment to public service by these professionals; now,
Therefore, I, Mayor Laura Hill, on behalf of the City Council, do hereby proclaim the month of October 2018, as Community Planning Month in conjunction with the celebration of National Community Planning Month.