Friday, October 30, 2020

Officer Branham Returns to Southlake After National Guard Deployment

The Southlake Police Department was pleased to welcome Officer Branham back from his National Guard deployment.  He had been deployed to the Texas/Mexico border from April 28th until September 30th of this year.

While in Laredo, Officer Branham primarily worked at the World Trade Bridge in Laredo, which is the most trafficked point of entry for vehicles entering the United States.  As a first lieutenant, he supervised 43 soldiers and monitored three total points of entry (both commercial and passenger vehicles) from Mexico.  He assisted the Border Patrol and helped U.S. Customs with commercial vehicle inspections and points of entry.

He also served as a liaison between soldiers in the Laredo sector and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection in order to assist in contraband seizure efforts at the points of entry.  Officer Branham and his soldiers seized meth, heroin, and cocaine, as well as counterfeit consumer goods and prevented them from coming into the United States.

Because of Officer Branham and his squad’s service, they were able to supply U.S. Customs and Border Protection with a significant additional labor force, which allowed them to inspect a larger percentage of commercial vehicles entering the United States from Mexico.

“Officer Branham’s service and dedication to both his country and the City of Southlake couldn’t be any clearer,” Chief Brandon said.  “We’re happy to have him back on our streets protecting our citizens.”