Thursday, October 29, 2020

Dragon Swimming Competes Well at 2018 Belton Quad

The Dragon Boy’s and Girl’s Swim Teams were in action on Saturday, November 3 at the 5th Annual Belton Super-Quad Swim Meet.

In this meet, all four Teams compete together, but the scoring is one-on-one against each other team. The Dragons Boys swept the competition across the board and the girl’s won two out of three matches.

Team Scores:

Boys   (Dragon Boys are now 4-0 in dual meets)
Southlake Carroll 226
Belton  58
Southlake Carroll 174
Austin Vandegrift   111
Southlake Carroll  155
Austin Westlake   131
Girls  (Dragon Girls are now 3-1 in dual meets)
Southlake Carroll  182
Belton                 104
Southlake Carroll   153
Austin Westlake     133
Vandegrift            150
Southlake Carroll   135
Top four relay finishes for the Dragons included:
1st 200 free relay  1:42.73 with Corbyn Cormack, Tina Karl, Kacey Ross, and Ryley Heck
1st 200 med relay  1:38.92 with Kevin Repice, Jakob Williams, Ryan Perham and Matt Hahn
1st 200 free relay 1:29.21 with Landon Armstrong, Matt Hahn, Ryan Perham, and Michael Kietzman
1st 400 free relay  3:11.01 with Landon Armstrong, Kevin Repice, Jakob Williams, and Mason Kelber
2nd 400 free relay  3:43.35 with Isabella Woods, Corbyn Cormack, Ashley Woods, and Isabella Miller
3rd 200 med relay 1:57.70 with Isabella Woods, Sarah Chappell, Tina Karl, and Kacey Ross
4th 200 med relay  1:45.52 with Christian Balint, Bennett Bibza, Mason Kelber, and Jackson Pogue
4th 200 free relay  1:47.80 with Bryn Frieling, Isabella Miller, Ashley Wood, and Emily Cundiff
4th 200 free relay  1:36.57 with Nicholas Swafford, Jackson Pogue, Luke Wenger, and Jack Fergus
Top four individual finishes for the Dragons included:
1st –  Isabella Woods 200 free  1:57.91
1st Corbyn Cormack  200 IM  2:07.70
1st Kevin Repice 200 IM  1:56.76
1st  Ryan Perham  100 fly 52.70
1st  Mason Kelber  500 free 4:42.56
1st  Corbyn Cormack  100 breast  1:06.06
1st Jaykob Williams  100 breast  1:02.35
2nd – Jaykob Williams  200 free  1:45.54
2nd Landon Armstrong  50 free  21.54
2nd Kevin Repice 100 free  48.03
2nd Isabella Woods  500 free  5:15.53
3rd – Ashley Woods  200 free  2:01.45
3rd Ryan Perham  50 free  22.50
3rd Landon Armstrong 100 fly  53.68
3rd  Kacey Ross  500 free  5:27.39
4th Mason Kelber  200 IM  2:01.13
4th  Jackson Pogue 500 free  4:58.39
4th Christian Balint 100 back  57.36
4th  Sarah Chappell  100 breast  1:12.13
Over 80 of the Dragon Swimmers will compete this coming Saturday at the Mansfield Non-Tisca Qualifier Meet.