Friday, October 30, 2020

Dragon Band Excels at 2018 All-Region Auditions

Dragon band students had a fantastic showing this past weekend at the very competitive Region 31 All-Region band auditions.  Forty-seven musicians will represent the Carroll Dragon Band with performances either this upcoming weekend in the All-Region Orchestra or in January at the All-Region Band concerts.

Additionally, eight students placed at the very top of their sections, meaning they have qualified to Area and will audition January 12th for the opportunity to be a Texas All-State member and perform at the Texas Music Educators Association convention in San Antonio in February:

Freshmen All-Region Band
Grace Drake (Flute)
Cara Parsons (Oboe)
Aidan Lee (Bass Clarinet)
Paula Aponte (Bassoon)
Justin Sasek (French Horn)
Georgia Lamont (Trumpet)
Nicholas Nolen (Trumpet)
Katherine McLane (Euphonium)

6A Concert Band

Allison Semadeni (Piccolo)
Ariana Carrasco (Bb Clarinet)
Emily Trinh (Bb Clarinet)
Isabella Grice (Bb Clarinet)
Vanessa Ortiz (Eb Clarinet)
Lindley Ferguson (Bass Clarinet)
Nolan Mikolasik (Bassoon)
Noor Malik (Alto Saxophone)
Braden Pecora (Alto Saxophone)
Jackson Schwedler (Trumpet)
Aiden Mitchell (Trumpet)
Alex Estridge (Trumpet)
Chris Estridge (Euphonium)
Naysan Sahba (Percussion)

6A Symphonic Band

Camille Pardoe (Piccolo) *
Kate Karau (Piccolo)
Jessica Yang (Flute)
Laurel Hook (Flute)
Andrew Kim (Oboe) *
Imaad Virani (Oboe) **
Kiera DiCesare (Bassoon)
Logan Mikolasik (Bb Clarinet)
Zoe Bishop (Bb Clarinet)
Tori Thomas (Bass Clarinet)
Alexa Aponte (Bass Clarinet)
Jonathan Ciccone (Alto Saxophone)
Taylor Thomas (Alto Saxophone)
Brendan James (Tenor Saxophone) *
Caleb Schaunaman (French Horn)
Olivia Lamont (French Horn)
Jack Kester (French Horn)
Nicole Krishna (Euphonium)
Eva McDowell (Tuba)
Davis Zenoble (Tuba)

Wind Ensemble

Sally Hatfield (French Horn) *
Chase Adams (Trumpet)
Diego Pena (Bassoon) **
Nick Walker (Bb Clarinet) *
Elizabeth File (Flute) **

* Advances to Area
** Advances to Area and also selected to All-Region Orchestra


Save the Date: For students who placed into an All-Region Band and Orchestra, mark your calendars for these clinics & concerts:

All-Region Orchestra
Friday, Dec 7 and Saturday, Dec 8, 2018

All-Region Band & Freshman All-Region Band
Friday, January 18 & Saturday, Jan 19, 2019