Saturday, May 28, 2022

Join the Mayor’s Alliance for Unity and Culture

At the December 4, 2018, City Council meeting, the Council gave unanimous approval to create the Mayor’s Alliance for Unity and Culture.

The Alliance’s purpose is to act in an advisory capacity to the City Council and city staff in the planning and implementation of programs and activities involving diversity, inclusion, and equality.

The conversations about creating meaningful change got started after a video surfaced on social media showing local teens chanting racist words. The discussions included “Coffee and Conversation,” aimed at Southlake’s Moms, “Dads and Brew” a discussion for Southlake’s Dads, a talk with the students of SKIL (Southlake Kids Interested in Leadership), and other meetings with local students.

In a recent Facebook post, Mayor Laura Hill stated, “We must hold true to our values and not tolerate racism, discrimination, exclusion or intolerance. We must do this even when it is hard and even when we are at our most disappointed because it’s what makes us stronger going forward.”

The Alliance is open to members of established boards and commissions, community interest, and philanthropic groups, the faith-based community, the business community, or any other interested individual including students.

“I believe in Southlake, and I believe in anyone who is willing to stand up with me to make Southlake the best it can be,” said the Mayor.

For more information about the Mayor’s Alliance for Unity and Culture or to apply, please visit

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