Monday, April 19, 2021

Traveling for the Holidays? Check out an Audiobook!

Hitting the road for annual holiday travel can have its challenges, packing, unpacking and the long drive can become a bit strenuous. With a demanding to-do list and hours of travel at stake, good entertainment is key.

Audiobooks are a great source of entertainment while traveling. Listening to an audiobook can help you pass the time while driving or escape on an imaginary journey while riding in the passenger seat. Either way, these road companions make the long commute more pleasurable.

The Southlake Library offers a wide selection of audiobooks that you and your family can listen to while on the road. You can find audiobooks on CD, loaded on MP3 players or you can download them yourself to your phone or tablet through the Cloud Library.

Choose from more than 18,000 audiobook titles available through the Southlake Library, from thousands of backlist titles to the latest and greatest bestsellers. There is something for the entire family to enjoy. You can listen to an audiobook alone or make it a group activity.

The Library makes audiobooks easily accessible. So why not toss out that playlist and get your listening fix in with a great audiobook. To review a list of audiobooks, please visit the Library’s website.