Thursday, January 28, 2021

Swim and Dive Compete at Home Against Coppell

Over 70 Dragon swimmers were in action Thursday Night at the CISD Aquatic Center in a matchup with Coppell High School. The Dragon squad consisted of ALL of the JV Swimmers, with a few of the Varsity swimmers mixed in as they competed against Coppell’s Varsity Team.

The Dragon Girls won their meet, 165-118, while our Boy’s Squad fell to Coppell, 158-126.

Top 3 relay finishes for the Dragon included:
1st Girls 200 free relay 1:51.22 with Astrid Langoe, Sarah Chappell, Reyna Clark and Erin Vanderbush
2nd Girls 200 med relay 2:00.17 with Reyna Clark, Sarah Chappell, Emily Hatcher and Vivi Pettigrew
2nd Boys 200 med relay 1:48.73 with Mark Li, Cam Walter, Luke Wenger and Dutch Mark
2nd Boys 200 free relay 1:43.13 with Dutch Mark, Sam Hernandez, Pablo Valderrama and Christian Youssef
2nd Boys 400 free relay 3:39.60 with Luke Wenger, Cam Walter, Mark Li and Leo Lin
2nd girls 400 free relay 4:03.19 with Bryn Frieling, Vivi Pattigrew, Emily Hatcher and Erin Vanderbush
3rd Girls 200 med relay 2:00.51 with Olivia Jones, Gabby Tadlock, Katie Baek and Bryn Frieling
3rd Girls 200 free relay 1:56.68 with Whitney Wood, Gracey Melville, Sarah Nguyen and Katie Baek
3rd Girls 200 free relay 4:08.78 with Astrid Langoe, Gabby Tadlock, Olivia Jones and Camryn Moore.
3rd Boys 400 free relay 3:54.46 with Eric Eaton, Adam Khalil, Luke Huhem and Jacob Huhem

Top 3 individual finishers for the Dragons included:
1st Vivi Pettigrew 200 free 2:08.04 PR
1st Whitney Wood 200 IM 2:22.23 PR
1st Cam Walter 200 IM 2:08.16
1st Emily Hatcher 50 free 27.33
1st Sam Hernandez 100 free 56.30
1st Vivi Pettigrew 500 free 5:38.18 PR
2nd Sarah Chappell 200 free 2:08.29 PR
2nd Luke Wenger 200 free 1:58.42 PR
2nd Olivia Jones 200 IM 2:22.25 PR
2nd Dutch Mark 50 free 25.26
2nd Katie Baek 100 fly 1:07.60
2nd Emily Hatcher 100 free 59.73 PR
2nd Eric Eaton 500 free 5:22.15 PR
2nd Gabby Tadlock 500 free 5:42.18
2nd Adam Khalil 100 free 57.46
2nd Sarah Chappell 100 breast 1:09.86 PR
2nd Cam Walter 100 breast 1:08.87
3rd Bryn Frieling 200 free 2:10.85 PR
3rd Leo Lin 200 free 2:03.14
3rd Katie Baek 200 IM 2:30.49
3rd Camryn Moore 50 free 27.69
3rd Sam Hernandez 50 free 25.55
3rd Bryn Frieling 100 free 1:00.03
3rd Gracey Melville 500 free 6:11.15 PR
3rd Olivia Jones 100 back 1:08.24
3rd Mark Li 100 back 1:02.33 PR
3rd Gabby Tadlock 100 breast 1:13.20
3rd Mark Dutch 100 breast 1:09.67 PR

The Dragon Varsity Team will compete next at the Mansfield Swim & Dive Invitational, Friday and Saturday, Dec 7 & 8. The following Saturday, Dec 15, our Dragon JV Team will compete at the Irving Invitational. Those two meets will conclude the 2018 Fall Dragon HS Swim/Dive season. The Dragons will continue to train over the holiday break and return for their championship season in January.