Monday, June 21, 2021

N. White Chapel Culvert Crossing Bridge Headwalls Taking Shape

Favorable weather conditions over the past few weeks have allowed for the repair efforts of the N. White Chapel culvert crossing to make progress.

Although crews had to make some adjustments that slightly delayed the project, the most recent changes make it easier to see the new crossing take shape. Large rocks, known as rip rap, have been placed around the downstream headwall which will help prevent erosion in future rain events.

In addition to the rip rap, crews have poured the massive concrete footer, or foundation, of the upstream headwall. Weather permitting the headwall concrete will be poured in the coming days.

The road has been closed since late September due to structural damage caused by heavy rains and floodwater.

“I know this road closure has been very inconvenient for the residents in the area, but with the latest progress we are getting closer to having the road open in mid-March,” said Public Works Deputy Director and City Engineer Kyle Hogue. “We really appreciate everyone’s patience as we work to make sure this crossing is safe again.”

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