Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Sergeant Sewell Commended for Work on DWI Task Forces

On January 30th, Traffic Sergeant Tyler Sewell was awarded a Commitment to Excellence Award presented by Texas Highway Patrolman Sergeant Paul Sigman.  The award was for “going above and beyond” since 2016 by organizing DWI task forces during holidays and busy weekends.

Sigman admired Sewell’s consistent productivity, his ability to motivate fellow officers, and his “overall commitment to making the community safer” through the use of DWI task forces.

One such task force occurred on Labor Day in 2017 that “kicked off” the initiative.  Labor Day is notoriously known for an overabundance of drunk drivers, and Sewell brought multiple agencies together to provide the best enforcement on the roadways.  From having judges brought together to sign blood warrants or making sure intoxilizer operators and DREs (Drug Recognition Experts) were contacted and ready to respond, Sewell managed this task force to arresting dangerous drivers for DWI.

That particular task force kicked off with a video produced by the City of Southlake, that included local agencies like Keller, Irving, Fort Worth, the Texas Highway Patrol and Texas Parks and Wildlife and publicly delivered the very important message that driving while intoxicated will not be tolerated.

“Even though the award says my name, this was always a team effort,” Sewell said.  “We couldn’t achieve what we did without everyone’s efforts.”