Thursday, August 11, 2022

Southlake Police CID Commended by City Manager

On December 28, 2018, City Manager Shana Yelverton and the Southlake Police Department honored members of the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) with commendations for their collaborative efforts in closing two recent high profile cases, in addition to their normal workload.

Each member of the CID team normally carries 30-40 cases at any given time, ranging from domestic violence to forgery to burglaries of motors vehicles (BMVs).  However, when a case comes in that is time sensitive and “all hands on deck,” they come together as a team to lend their own special skillsets to the case.

“They work well together,” Chief Brandon said.  “There is no drama.  They spend their days worrying about how to effectively serve the community, and it shows in the success they’ve been able to achieve.”

One of the aforementioned cases involved a multi-state operation in which a juvenile runaway was lured to another state in a possible human trafficking scheme.  Detectives began working the second the call came in early that morning and didn’t stop working until the victim was located and the suspect arrested in Tucson, Arizona.  Because of their high level of efficiency and their determination, they were able to find the victim within five hours of the initial 911 call.

The detectives of CID are meticulous, and they work as a cohesive team to overcome the hurdles of any case by any means necessary.  “They are absolutely committed to resolving cases and getting results,” Chief Brandon said.

Members of CID pictured below are Detective Thomas Roberson, Detective Josh Ellis, Lieutenant Jose Luna, Sergeant John Stokes, crime analyst Diana Smith, Sergeant Karl Moor, Detective Delaney Green, and Corporal Robert Briggs.

Congratulations to this team.  They are to be commended for their outstanding performance and their dedication to the Southlake community.

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