Friday, October 23, 2020

Southlake Police Welcome Two Lateral Officers to the Department

The Southlake Police Department recently welcomed two new lateral transfers to the streets of our fair city.

Officer Whit Boyd came from the Fort Worth Police Department, where he served for 27 years.  He had retired from FWPD but wasn’t ready to stop working altogether.  He spent the final years at Fort Worth as a lieutenant and missed the one on one interactions with the community.  One of Officer Boyd’s good police friends was hired by Southlake, and they spoke at length about the excellent leadership and professionalism.  He was pleasantly surprised when he interacted with Human Resources and saw how genuinely friendly they were, and figured if the rest of the City worked like that, he’d made a great choice.

“I’ve been at this (policing) a while,” Officer Boyd said.  “I’ve seen extreme bravery and sacrifice by the officers I’ve been privileged to work with.  This business is all about a calling to service and selflessness.  There is no finer life than service to others and I’m thrilled to bring my experience to Southlake.”

Officer Daniel Moody came to Southlake from the Bowie Police Department, where he served for four years.  When he was younger, he worked as a newspaper carrier and he got to know and respect the local police officers on his route.  He joined the Explorer’s Program at the Wise County Sheriff’s Office and fell in love with the profession.  He then put himself through the Weatherford Police Academy and was later hired by Bowie.

“I love the opportunity to get to know my community and help build and improve it,” he said.  “I love that I get to meet so many people and possibly make a difference in their lives.”