Monday, November 29, 2021

Dragon Concert Bands Shine in Corpus Christi

This past weekend the Carroll Symphonic Winds White, Symphonic Winds Green, Winds Ensemble and Windy Symphony concert bands all received superior rating at the South Coast Music Festival in Corpus Christi. Each spring the South Coast Music Festival hosts thousands of student musicians for fun and education as the students compete with their peers from A to 6A high school, junior high school and middle schools.

The Wind Ensemble and Wind Symphony were both named “Best In Class” in their respective categories.

Compositions are expected to exemplify the abilities of the group. The 6A Groups and Full Orchestras had a total of 45 minutes to set up, enter, warm up, perform and exit the stage. Performances were judged by a panel of three adjudicators and the directors received a recording of their performance and the recorded critiques of each judge.