Monday, November 29, 2021

Southlake Volunteers Awarded for Their Service

At the April 16 City Council meeting, the City of Southlake presented service awards to 40 volunteers from Volunteer Southlake for their outstanding service.  Their contributions include working in the library, teen court and at the senior activity center. Volunteers exemplify why Southlake is such an outstanding community.

“Volunteers play a vital role in the City’s success,” stated Volunteer Coordinator Lindy Calzada. “Their presence is felt throughout Southlake.  Many volunteers serving our Department of Public Safety have contributed their time to this important work for many years.  Additionally, the City’s special events such as Stars and Stripes and Home for the Holidays would not be possible without the help of volunteers.”

The City’s Boards and Commissions also rely on the work and support of our volunteers.  The volunteers provide feedback and serve as focus groups to help the City engage with citizens.  The volunteers’ time and effort help make this process a cost-savings solution for the City.

From April 1, 2018, to March of 2019, more than 2,000 volunteers provided 26,157 hours of service to the City which is valued at $665,172. This is equivalent to almost 13 full-time employees.

The awards were presented in three categories: The Junior and Adult Service Awards, the Milestone Service Awards and the Presidential Service Awards.

The Junior Service Award and the Adult Service Award were presented to the junior and adult volunteers who have served the most hours in the last 12 months.

The Milestone Service Award is presented in 500-hour increments to our dedicated volunteers who have contributed so much of their time in service to Southlake.  The Presidential Service Awards are awarded to qualified volunteers who have achieved the required number of hours of service over a 12-month time period. These awards are broken down in three categories: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

“Our volunteers work very hard to make Southlake great,” said Calzada, “They are dedicated and committed individuals offering their diverse skills and knowledge to help the City be successful.”

Want to volunteer with the City? Find out how by visiting the Volunteer Southlake or contact Volunteer Coordinator, Lindy Calzada at 817-748-8035 or


Award Recipients 

Junior Service Award Adult Service Award
Sophia Polisetty Ken Stewart

                                                                                                                                                 Milestone Service Awards

Marge Kyle – 1,000 Hours of Service
Gary Davidson – 1,500 Hours of service
Tom Moore – 1,500 Hours of Service
Ken Stewart – 1,500 Hours of Service
Wayne Berryman – 2,000 Hours of Service
Pamela Muller – 2,000 Hours of Service
Presidential Awards Bronze Level
Wayne Berryman
Patricia Brayton
Alaina Dang
Gary Davidson
Marie Doran
Eric Eaton
Ed Grondahl
Hunter Haack
Lauren Olivia Hall
Joan Houle
Marge Kyle
Jamie Lim
Karen Mertz
Tom Moore
Anh Nguyen
Sophia Polisetty
Iris Schmeder
James Shirey
Ken Stone
Nikoletta Shockley
Presidential Awards  Silver Level
Medha Mageswaran
Paityn Main
Amita Manjunath
Leroy McCall
Pamela Muller
Jeffrey Ng
Sophie Pacheco
Reza Saffarian
Likhitha Veerapalli
Presidential Awards Gold Level 
Helen Keller
Andrew Price
Ken Stewart
Caleb Yeager