Saturday, June 19, 2021

Say Hello to Summer in Southlake’s June Youth Camps

Summer’s almost here, and we can’t wait to kick it off with some exciting camps for all ages and interests. Our campers will be flying drones, programming robots, designing video games, learning to paint and so much more. You definitely won’t want to miss out on all the fun!

You can register online or in person at Champions Club (285 Shady Oaks Drive). Popular camps fill quickly, so be sure to register early. Camps that do not meet minimum registration requirements two business days prior to their scheduled start date will be canceled.

Fusion Gaming: Junior
June 3–7 | Ages 7–10 | Learn more & register

In this introductory coding camp, kids will code a pre-made game while learning the basics of level design. Each camper will then make a short video about his or her experience. Students will take their games home and can share their video through the 8Bit YouTube channel. This is the perfect camp for novice programmers!

Minecraft Architect
June 3–7 | Ages 11–14 | Learn more & register

This popular camp teaches basic mathematics through Minecraft EDU. Students will learn how to read and write blueprints, calculate their building materials and submit a building proposal that outlines the cost of their structure. Working independently within a group, students must coordinate and work with a class budget while dealing with market variables.

Dodgeball Camp
June 10–13 | Ages 8–12 | Learn more & register

Our ultra-popular program includes several versions of dodgeball. The emphasis is on fun, teamwork and exercise. We will play many different versions of the classic game using the new coated foam balls. These balls are safe and perfect for fun indoor play! Groups are divided based on ages.

Skyhawks Sports Sampler Camp
June 10–14 | Ages 6–12 | Learn more & register

Looking for an exciting sports camp but can’t choose just one sport? Skyhawks Sports Sampler Camp has you covered! This unique camp combines multiple sports for a fun-filled week of lessons, scrimmages, team activities and more. Athletes will walk away with an understanding of several new sports along with vital life skills like respect, teamwork and self-discipline.

My First STEM Lab
June 17–21 | Ages 3–5 | Learn more & register

This camp teaches young children to see the world around them in a totally new way. Campers will learn how to create codes to pass secret messages, explore ways they can help protect the planet, discover how to eat like different animals and learn about space.

Toy Makers
June 17–21 | Ages 6–11 | Learn more & register

In this camp, future entrepreneurs will create toy prototypes and learn about cost, price, vendors, customers, profit and sales as they start their very own business. We’ll also teach kids how to navigate the ever-changing world of small businesses through real-world scenarios.

Chess Wizards Camp
June 17–21 | Ages 6–12 | Learn more & register

Chess Wizards Camp offers challenging chess lessons, exciting games and cool prizes for players of all skill levels. Students will improve their chess skills, meet new friends and work out their most powerful muscle—their brain!

Little Medical School Summer Camp
June 17–21 | Ages 6–10 | Learn more & register

This camp teaches children about medicine, science and the importance of health in an entertaining and exciting way. Through hands-on demonstrations, crafts and games, campers will learn how the body and organs work, how to use instruments that real doctors use and even how to tie knots like a real surgeon.

TGA Premier Junior Golf Camp
June 17–21 | Ages 5–12 | Learn more & register

TGA Premier Junior Golf Camp is a perfect fit for any child looking to learn the game of golf or sharpen his or her skills. Golf skills will be taught and developed through a combination of physical activities and academic lessons. Every student will receive a hat, ball and TGA student handbook.

Introduction to Competitive Cheerleading Camp
June 24–28 | Ages 5–12 | Learn more & register

Get in the spirit with TGA Cheerleading Camp! Campers participate in station-based activities that develop tumbling, stunting, choreography, motions, jumps and performance skills in every lesson. TGA coaches follow proper stunt progression and spotting protocol to ensure
a safe and fun environment that incorporates academics and life skills.

Volleyball Camp
June 24–27 | Ages 7–12 | Learn more & register

Bowmen Volleyball Camp is designed for new players who are learning the game as well as experienced players who are gearing up for more competitive play. Drills, games and individual instruction are used to build fundamental skills including serving, passing, setting and hitting. Players will have the opportunity to practice their skills in game situations during the camp tournament.

Drones and Aviation
June 24–28 | Ages 8–13 | Learn more & register

Soar the skies in this aviation adventure! Kids will participate in missions to fly drones and create take-home models of flying objects including a motorized helicopter, plane, parachute, UFO and spaceship. We’ll also learn about FAA rules, drone flying safety, aerodynamics, self-driven planes and other inventions that impact the future of aviation.

Adventures in Art Camp
June 24–27 | Ages 6–11 | Learn more & register

Under the guidance of certified Robert Garden School of Art instructors, your young artist will complete eight works of art featuring realistic landscapes, seascapes, animals, still life and more. Students learn fundamentals of painting, perspective, color theory and composition using watercolor, acrylic and oil paints as well as oil pastels, pencils and charcoal. All art supplies are provided.

Little Veterinarian Summer Camp
June 24–28 | Ages 6–10 | Learn more & register

In this camp, kids will adopt their own stuffed dog and learn how to assess a dog from head to tail as well as the basics of dog care, immunizations and how to treat a laceration. They will also learn about the importance of checking and monitoring dogs for ticks—just like a real veterinarian!

For more information, contact Southlake Parks and Recreation at (817) 748-8019.