Thursday, December 2, 2021

Fresh Flavors Have Arrived Just in Time for Summer in Southlake

The summer sizzle has started and Southlake is the spot to fuel up on fresh and exciting flavors. Already home to several uniquely delicious restaurants, Southlake recently added a few more tasty options to satisfy appetites for healthy or exotic dishes.

If the hot weather has you hungry for cool options, check out Coolgreens. The fast-casual restaurant chain offers a chef-inspired menu of signature salads, wraps, bowls, flatbreads and more. Southlake is currently the only location open in Texas. From California Cobb (romaine, egg, avocado, bacon, chicken, blue cheese, grape tomatoes and ranch dressing) and Caprese (spring mix, grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, red onion, croutons and balsamic vinaigrette) to Asian Crisp (spring mix, Mandarin oranges, crunchy noodles, sliced almonds, edamame, shredded carrots and soy ginger vinaigrette) and more, each signature dish is available as a salad or wrap. With multiple sandwich varieties, quinoa bowls, flatbreads and options for kids, guests will find one element across the menu—healthy, natural and flavorful food that fuels your life. For added convenience, order online and pick up in store. Coolgreens is located at 2211 E. Southlake Boulevard, Suite 500.

Cool Greens Salmon Club

Craving exotic? Fusion Flavors brings a taste of India to Southlake with fresh ingredients, imported spices and an abundance of menu options, including an expansive offering of vegetarian appetizers and vegetarian main courses. Fusion Flavors serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and offers catering. Find traditional entrée favorites including Chicken Tikka Masala (grilled boneless chicken cooked in special herbs and spices), Palak Paneer (fresh spinach cooked with cheese cubes in special sauce) and Lamb Curry (lamb cooked in Indian special sauce), among others, as well as several biryani and rice dishes. Save room for Pineapple Pudding or a sweet drink like Mango Milkshake. Fushion Flavors is located at 2001 W. Southlake Boulevard, Suite 119.


F2 – Fusion Flavors Plate Samples

Satisfy your appetite for flavors from the far east at Dragon House. Specializing in Shanghai-style cuisine, Dragon House is open for lunch and dinner, and is available for private events and catering. The restaurant’s chef has 20 years of experience cooking in fine restaurants and has built a vast menu of appetizers, soups, various dim sum, hand-pulled noodle bowls, chef specials (Beijing Style Pork, Honey Walnut Beef, Shrimp and Chicken with Cashew Nuts and more), traditional Chinese dishes (Boiled Fish Fillet with Picked Cabbage, Braised Meat Balls with Boy Choy, Chicken Strips with Mango and more), and traditional Chinese desserts like Steamed Pumpkin with Red Bean Paste and Kung-fu Sesame Ball. A feast for the eyes first, each dish is beautifully presented and can be enjoyed with traditional hot teas, as well as imported beers and more from the bar. Dragon House is located at 2640 E. Southlake Boulevard.


Dragon House Plate Samples