Saturday, August 13, 2022

Odyssey of the Mind Students Compete at World Finals

Eight Carroll Dragon teams just excelled at the 40th Odyssey of the Mind World Finals at Michigan State University. Nearly 900 teams from 17 countries competed amongst the best creative problem solvers in the World. 50-70 teams competed in each grade-level Division for the following categories: Vehicular, Technical, Classics, Structural and Performance.

Congratulations to the teams that gave hundreds of hours of practice throughout the 2018-19 school year to represent Carroll ISD in global competition!

6th – Vehicular (D1)

JES – Evan Hall, Django Hollingsworth, Cooper Heiple, Adam Forst (EIS), Abhijay Nalajala (DIS), Kai Buescher (DIS), Chelsea Grace Unaja (DIS)

Coach: Mark Hall

10th – Classics (D3)

CSHS – Reilly Buckley, Katie Moore (CHS), Kayla Grosskopf, Kayin Jones, Catie Pratt, Cole Ragsdale

Coaches: Keith Buckley & Michelle Moore

10th – Technical (D3)

CSHS – Chaya Hemanth, Aryana Mithwani, Ethan Connelly, Marissa Vazhappily, Miranda King, Sophie Dietrich (CHS)

Coach: Inna Dietrich

10th – Vehicular (D1)

CMS – Grant Ogle, Pierce Ogle, Andrew Balson, Julia Dietrich (DMS), Trey King (DMS), Vanessa Vazhappilly and Cody Williams (DMS)

Coach: Diane Ogle

11th – Performance (D3)/21st – Structure (D3)

CSHS – Jake Marshall, Zach Marshall, Elizabeth Hamel, Olivia Hooper, Sarah Chapin, Chloe Moore, Logan Mikolasik (CHS)

Coach: Kathy Marshall

17th – Vehicular (D3)

CHS – Alfred Hale, Clark Hindman, Drew Francis, Justin Sasek, Manan Singh

Coaches: Hilary Hale, Charlotte Sasek

22nd – Vehicular (D2)

EIS – Sophia Kelly, Camden Fike, Lincoln Daniels, Ella O’Neil, Aditya Shetty, Nikhil Copling, Nick Price

Coach: Tom Kelly

25th – Classics (D2)

EIS – Nick Ferrara, Grayson Davidson, Owen Hindman, Carolyn Jiang, Kaylee Brabham, Quentin Gourdon, Victoria He

Coach: Jennifer Ferrara

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