Thursday, December 2, 2021

Office of Emergency Management Tries New Methods For Mosquito Reduction

Last summer, Southlake had issues with reoccurring WNV on the west/central side of the City.  Of our tests, the Myers Meadow trap tested positive the most times in 2018.  In efforts to mitigate the mosquito population, the Office of Emergency Management has teamed up with Tarrant County Public Health Department and the sub-division of Myers Meadow to run a test/pilot program with Gambusia fish, commonly known as mosquito fish.

“Gambusia are native to Texas and will not disrupt the normal ecosystem,” Vector Control Specialist Joe Carr said.  However, the benefit of having these fish in a fresh water pond is that they can assist in controlling the mosquito population due to their love of feeding on mosquito larva.

What are the reasons for trying this method?  Anything we can do to control the mosquito population after this wet season is beneficial.  We also ask citizens to do their part of draining water and picking up around their property to assist in controlling the mosquito issues.  Also, by trying this method we are looking at natural, creative solutions to control the mosquito population.

If you live in this area, please let us know if this method shows an impact in mosquito reduction.  If so, we may be utilizing more fish next season in a pond near you!