Thursday, December 2, 2021

Community Services Department Welcomes New Staff for Bob Jones Nature Center & Preserve

The Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve has a rich history and bright future ahead! The Southlake Community Services Department has built a team of nature lovers who will be running the day-to-day business at Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve.

Our team will continue to offer great environmental programs, like the Forrest Preschool and Family Fun Days, as well as bring their passion and expertise for environmental preservation to the Southlake staff.

Meet Hannah Nyquist

Hannah, a native of North Carolina, knew she had a career in the environmental field ahead of her. As a young girl, she frequently explored the woods of North Carolina.  After she graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Natural Resources Conservation, she moved to Texas for an internship at the City of Grapevine which turned into a permanent position as the Environmental Education Specialist creating and teaching curriculum, leading citizen science projects and helping manage environmental restoration areas.

As the Outdoor Experience Programs Coordinator for Southlake, Hannah is developing and teaching curriculum for Cross Timbers Nature Camp, Forest Preschool, Family Fun Days, and various outreach events and running the day to day business at Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve.

“I am amazed at the amount of wildlife at BJNCP. Hearing campers express how much they care about the wildlife we encounter daily is so encouraging and what gets me most excited about the work we are doing.“

Meet Madeleine Bauss

Madeline, our Recreation Specialist for Outdoor Experience, studied at Utah Valley University where she received her Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation Management. Her time at UVU perfectly prepared her for planning educational and fun-filled days for our Cross Timbers Nature Camp. Madeline has an overwhelming passion for the great outdoors and the preservation of beautiful natural places and is excited to share her passion with others.

“I am just overjoyed to be working for such an impressive and professional city, especially here at the Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve. I work alongside an incredible team who also sees the importance of incorporating the natural world into our daily lives.”

Check out upcoming events and programs on the BJNCP website here.