Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Erosion Can Happen Just About Anywhere. How the City Can Help!

Erosion happens when rock, soil or other material is transported from one location to another.  Sediment can be transported by water or wind and is common in places like construction sites and creek banks.

Since erosion and sediment can both affect private and public property, the City of Southlake has procedures in place to help both residents and businesses fight this occurrence.

One of the City’s erosion and sediment control goals is to protect and maintain the environment and the general welfare of our citizens. By establishing erosion and sediment control procedures, the City can efficiently respond to questions and concerns in a timely manner to proactively curb erosion before the destructive process begins.

Erosion and sediment control helps the City continue to keep our environment safe and streets clean.

Although damage from erosion is highly visible, the unseen effects can be concerning as well. When erosion in certain areas take place, there is a chance the sediment from those areas enter the City’s creeks and streams which in turn heats up water temperature, causes turbidity and makes it harder for fish and aquatic life to breathe. Not to mention that a brown stream isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

Seeing erosion issues around town? Here is what you can do:

If you are on your own property, a great way to control erosion is to install plants, grasses and shrubs. This will provide a root system that keeps soil intact and less prone to erosion.

If you spot sediment in the streets from a construction site, you may contact the City’s Code Enforcement division.

If have concerns about floodplains, drainage issues or experiencing stormwater being directed from other properties to yours, please contact the City’s Engineering division

Last but not least, if you spot chemicals, trash, or concrete being washed out into the creeks, storm drains and other sensitive areas, contact our Environmental Services division.