Thursday, December 2, 2021

City of Southlake Planning and Development Services Submittal Schedules Have Changed – Here Why!

As a result of recent legislation passed by the State of Texas there will be some changes in the processing of plats in Southlake.

As of September 1, 2019, the City of Southlake Planning & Development Services department will maintain two separate submittal schedules; one for plats and another for all other development applications. Anyone anticipating filing a plat will need to do so according to the plat submittal schedule, which has been posted to the City’s website. Any plat applications submitted to the City in advance of a submittal deadline will not be reviewed until the posted deadline. Similarly, any plat submittals brought to the City after a posted submittal deadline will not be accepted or reviewed for completeness. All plat submittals are due to the Planning offices by 12:00 PM on the posted submittal date.

Plats submitted to the City of Southlake for review must comply with the underlying zoning designation, or they will not be accepted. Zoning change requests and plats will not be processed concurrently.

For a direct link to the City’s plat submittal schedule, click here.