Sunday, April 14, 2024

City Council Approves Contract for Sidewalk for East Continental Boulevard

Council awarded the construction contract for the installation of a sidewalk on E. Continental Boulevard to C. Green Scaping LP at the August 20 City Council meeting.

The sidewalk will be installed along the north side of East Continental Boulevard from South Hollow Drive to Crooked Lane.

The walking path is anticipated to be at least six feet wide and will come complete with handicap accessible ramps and handrails in a few locations.

In order to accommodate the construction for the newly designed sidewalk, modifications to the existing drainage infrastructure will occur along the north side of East Continental Boulevard.

Recommendations for sidewalks in Southlake will be an ongoing development. It will help negotiate traffic as well as provide pedestrians a safe route. This segment is identified as a priority in the City’s Mobility Master Plan and funding is available in the City Pathways Programs within the General Fund.

For more information about sidewalks, please visit our website.

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