Thursday, December 2, 2021

City of Southlake’s Truck Routes and Restrictions – What You Need to Know

Although Southlake is a small community, we see our share of traffic! If your truck route leads you on a highway through Southlake, we are here to help make your route an easy ride.

There are only a few designated truck routes (per ordinance) within the City:

  1. SH 114
  2. FM 1709
  3. FM 1938, south of FM 1709
  4. N Carroll Ave, FM 1709 to SH 114


Any roadway that is not listed above is restricted to truck traffic, except for when the destination is along that roadway. Examples of this include trash collection or a moving company collecting a homeowner’s belongings. Other exceptions for trucks to utilize the main roadways are for activities such as construction, emergency response and deliveries (that free 2-day shipping has a cost).

Well, how does one know if a road is an appropriate truck route or not?  Signs are often placed along routes to remind drivers of trucks that the route is not suitable for traveling through the City of Southlake to another jurisdiction.

Our Traffic staff fabricates and maintains these signs and can install them at appropriate locations upon request. If you see an area that may need signage, we are here to help! Recently, the Traffic Management Division installed “No Thru Trucks” signs along Continental Boulevard and on White Chapel Boulevard that originated from a citizen request.

The Police Department enforces this ordinance, with or without installed signage, by periodically checking the origin and destination of trucks along a restricted route.

To ensure the safety of our citizens and commuters, the City promotes the visibility of signage to notify drivers in the area whether or not trucks are permitted.

To learn more about designated truck routes click here. For more information on exceptions to truck restrictions, click here.