Monday, November 29, 2021

City of Southlake Kicks Off the 2035 Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan

The City is gearing up for the development of the 2035 Parks, Recreation & Open Space Master Plan. The timeline for development and an action plan were presented at the September 3 City Council meeting.

The plan development process will take place in four phases:

Review the current state of parks recreation and open space – This encompasses an overview of the park standards. The City will take an inventory and conduct a needs assessment along with a review of the recommendations made within all current adopted 2030/2035 Master Plans.

Incorporate Community Feedback
– In order to collect community feedback, the City will conduct a survey and host several public meetings to engage the public.

Develop new concept plans
– New concept plans will be developed and designed during work sessions with the Parks & Recreation board.

Develop Recommendations – Recommendations established will be incorporated into the plan, incorporating feedback from surveys and community input.

In the final stages, the recommendations will be prioritized and ranked by the Board and City Council and then presented to City Council for adoption.

“The City of Southlake places great emphasis on comprehensive planning. The fruits of this effort can be seen around town in the community’s exceptional parks”, said Jerod Potts, Policy & Strategic Initiative Principal Planner for the Planning & Development Services department. “This master plan will establish strategically aligned goals for the Southlake parks system for the next several years.”

The Parks Board had their first meeting to discuss the 2035 Parks, Recreation & Open Space Master Plan on Monday, September 9. Completion of this plan is anticipated for Fall of 2020.