Thursday, December 2, 2021

Council Approves Engineering Services Agreement for Water Line Improvements

City Council approved an Engineering Services Agreement with Baird, Hampton and Brown to provide design services for water line improvements at Westpark Circle along T.W. King Road and SH 114 at the September 17 City Council meeting.

These improvements will allow the city to retain our public assets as well as provide safety and security to our residents while reducing maintenance costs for water line facilities.


Westpark Circle along T.W. King Road

The Westpark Circle improvements will serve the Westpark Circle Subdivision. The subdivision is served by an existing 2-inch water line and does not currently have any fire hydrants.  The proposed design will include upsizing the existing 2-inch water line to an 8-inch water line in addition to adding fire hydrants.

T.W. King Road runs adjacent to Westpark Circle and has a 6-inch water line under the pavement. The proposed upgrade will replace the 6-inch line with a 12-inch line outside of the pavement.  The 12-inch water line will allow for easier access to the water line for maintenance while minimizing traffic impacts on T.W. King Road.

Improvements to both water lines will allow the City to improve water quality as well as provide fire protection to residents.


SH 114 

The updated for SH 114 Frontage Road will take place near the Southlake Medical District.

Right now, there are two 12-inch lines in place that come to a dead end. One line goes to the southeast of the Southlake Medical District and the other line ends northeast of the East Highland and the SH 114 intersection.

The proposed improvements will connect the water lines along SH 114. By connecting the water line segments of each dead end, it will allow better circulation in the water system which would eliminate the need to flush stagnant water as well as improve water quality.

Funding for these improvements will come out of the FY 2019 Capital Improvement Program budget. This Construction is scheduled to start Q4 of FY 2020.