Sunday, November 28, 2021

Southlake Kids Interested in Leadership Annouces its New Wave of Students

This new group of 20 students was selected after enduring a rigorous selection process conducted by Carroll Senior High School, where each candidate is evaluated based on several criteria. These students have earned their spot in this program and have already begun to demonstrate leadership qualities.

SKIL is a youth leadership program where students and adults can work together to make Southlake a better community by enhancing engagement with the City’s youth through educational and leadership opportunities. The program was created in partnership between the City, the Carroll Independent School District and the Southlake Chamber of Commerce. By participating in the program, these students will be directly involved to create positive dialogue and an engaged government while opening the community to a new generation of ideas.

“Our children have amazing ideas about what they would like to see now and in future,” says Mayor Hill, founder of the SKIL program. “When any citizen, including our youth, are involved and engaged in the community, we all benefit from it because it brings all of our ideas together. These young leaders will grow up, know the value of being engaged and rely on the systems that are in place so they can improve them when they become leaders in their community.”

This group of students and will continue to elevate the status of this elite group of students. They will work with the school district, the City and the local business community on various matters that impact the community all while becoming engaged leaders.

The next generation of SKIL students will kick-off their first meeting in Southlake Town Hall on October 21st.

For more information about SKIL, please visit the City’s website.