Saturday, December 4, 2021

Dragon Swimmers Open 19-20 Season with Impressive Wins at Ranger Relays

The Carroll Dragon Varsity Swimmers were in action at their first high school competition of the season at the Ranger Relay Invitational in the SMU Aquatic Center this past Saturday.

Twelve schools were represented, with four additional teams, including Carroll, fielding a second squad. The Carroll Girl’s and Boy’s Green Teams both captured the meet title. The Dragons will continue to practice at a local outdoor facility and will be returning their recently renovated Carroll ISD Aquatic Center soon.
Team Results:

Girls Team Scores
1.  SOCA Green       314   (320 is perfect)  won 7 of 8 relays
2.  Flower Mound     276
3.  Allen                  232
4.  Plano West         196
5.  SOCA Black         190
6.  Coppell               176
7.  Highland Park      162
8.  Richardson Pearce 152
9.  Plano                   150
10.  Plano East          140
11.  Flower Mound B  138
12.  Lewisville Marcus  132
13.  Ursuline                90
14.  Texas High            56
15 & 16  Ursuline and Marcus B

Boys Team Scores
1.  SOCA Green          292   won 5 of 8 relays
2.  Plano West            254
3.  Jesuit                   236
4.  Flower Mound       228
5.  Plano                   198
6.  Allen                    178
7.  Plano East            160
8.  Coppell                 158
9.  Texas High            152
10.  Richardson Pearce  142
11.  Highland Park       118
12.  tie   SOCA Black    100
12.  tie   Lewisville Marcus  100
14.  Flower Mound B     90
15 & 16  Ursuline and Marcus B

Top 8 relay finishes for the Dragons included:
1st 200 med relay 1:53.91 with Hailey Heldenbrand, Sarah Chappell, Madelyn Clem and Tina Karl
7th 200 med relay 1:58.63 with Reyna Clark, Lillian Duma, Emily Hatcher and Ryley Heck
1st 200 med relay 1:39.87 with Christian Balint, Andrew Fu, Ryan Perham and Michael Kietzman
1st 200 fly relay  1:47.00 with Kit Kat Zenick, Kate Heintz, Morgan Chocholek and Corbyn Cormack
6th 200 fly relay 1:58.12 with Emily Hatcher, Whitney Wood, Katie Baek and Reyna Clark

1st 200 fly relay 1:39.13 with Jackson Pogue, Ryan Perham, Luke Wenger and Mark Li
1st 400 IM relay  4:08.73 with Corbyn Cormack, Ashley Zettle, Riley Francis and Bailey Kaiser
1st 400 IM relay 3:50.12 with Cam Walter, Christain Balint, Andrew Zettle and Andrew Fu
2nd 200 breast relay 2:12.77 with Sarah Chappell, Morgan Chocholek, Kate Heintz and Bailey Kaiser
4th 200 breast relay 2:19.79 with Katherine Dukes, Lillian Duma, Camryn Moore and Vivi Pettigrew
1st 200 breast relay 2:00.24 with andrew Zettle, Cam Walter, Andrew Fu and Bennett Bibza
1st 200 free relay 1:40.23 with Kit Kat Zenick, Tina Karl, Alexis Drap and Dylin Cormack
5th 200 free relay  1:46.51 with Kacey Ross, Ryley Heck, Bryn Frieling and Lu Cheng
1st 200 free relay  1:29.23 with Ryan Perham, Michael Kietzman, Nicholas Swafford and Tyler Casey
1st 400 med relay 4:01.50 with Riley Francis, Corbyn Cormack, Madelyn Clem and Isabella Woods
5th 400 med relay 3:52.21 with Luke Wenger, Cam Walter, Jackson Pogue and Mason Edmund
1st 200 back relay 1:50.22 with Kit Kat Zenick, Hailey Heldenbrand, Madelyn Clem and Dylin Cormack
8th 200 back relay 2:05.32 with Reyna Clark, Lu Cheng, Erika martinez and Campbell Smith
3rd 200 back relay 1:46.28 with Christian Balint, Mason Edmund, Tyler Casey and Luke Wenger
1st 400 free relay, 3:37.43 with Ryley Francis, Isabella Woods, Ashley Zettle and Kate Heintz
7th 400 free relay 3:53.29 with Kacey Ross, Isabella  Miller, Emily Cundiff and Vivi Pettigrew
3rd 400 free relay  3:19.55 with Michael Kietzman, Mason Edmund, Jackson Pogue and Andrew Zettle

The Carroll Dragon team advanced all the way to the “Shootout” Finals

50 free “Shoot-out”
The 50 free “Shootout” consists of seven 50 free races, elimination style.
The Top Eight Teams from the combined (boys and girls) Team Score, qualify for the “Shoot-out”
1.  50 free race with 8 girls, 8th place Team is eliminated   Ashley Zettle 25.6 advances
2.  50 free race with 7 boys, 7th place Team is eliminated    Andrew Zettle  23.3  advances
3.  50 free race with 6 girls, 6th place Team is eliminated   Corbyn Cormack  24.9  advances
4.  50 free race with 5 boys, 5th place Team is eliminated   Michael Kietzman  21.8 advances
5.  50 free race with 4 girls, 4th place Team is eliminated    Ryley Francis  24.0  advances
6.  50 free race with 3 boys, 3rd place Team is eliminated   Ryan Perham  21.3   advances
7.  50 free race with 2 girls, 2nd place Team is eliminated   Kit Kat Zenick  23.7 to Flower Mound girl  21.6