Friday, March 31, 2023

Dragon Band Members Qualify for All-Region and Area Band

Dragon Band members had a fantastic showing this past weekend at the very competitive Region 31 Texas Music Educators Association All-Region band auditions. Other schools represented included Coppell, LD Bell, Haltom, Trinity, Birdville, Creekview, Grapevine, Richland, Turner, and Colleyville Heritage. The Carroll Dragon Band had 53 students invited to the All-Region Band clinics and concerts on Saturday, January 18, 2020.

Freshmen Band

  • Makena Kao, Piccolo
  • Vivek Reddy, Bb Clarinet
  • Annabel Dewey, Bb Clarinet
  • Azlaan Shafi,Bass Clarinet
  • Justin Wu, Alto Saxophone
  • Brandon Yoshinaka, Alto Saxophone
  • Chase Miller, Tenor Saxophone
  • Matthew Cory, F Horn
  • Anbu Subramanian, Tenor Trombone
  • Carson Crays, Tenor Trombone
  • Sebastian Lanuza, Tuba
  • Ethan Arnn, Percussion

Concert Band

  • Jessica Yang, Flute
  • Ariana Carrasco, Bb Clarinet
  • Zoe Bishop, Bb Clarinet
  • Marten Koning, Bass Clarinet
  • Justin Sasek, F Horn
  • Jack Kester, F Horn
  • Callum Andrews, Trumpet
  • Nicholas Parker, Trumpet
  • Kenney Spencer, Tenor Trombone
  • Han-gyong Parker, Tenor Trombone
  • Chris Estridge, Euphonium
  • Carter Doby, Tuba

Symphonic Band

  • Likhitha Veerapalli, Flute
  • Kate Hansen, Flute
  • Imaad Virani, Oboe
  • Eri Pilon, Oboe
  • Paula Aponte, Bassoon
  • Emily Trinh, Eb Clarinet (* Area Candidate)
  • Megan Dean, Bb Clarinet
  • Mattie Kleespies, Bb Clarinet
  • Cole Ragsdale, Trumpet
  • Jackson Schwedler, Trumpet
  • Georgia Lamont, Trumpet
  • Aiden Mitchell, Trumpet
  • Riley Silfies, Tenor Trombone
  • Jake Bonanno, Bass Trombone
  • Eva McDowell, Tuba

Wind Symphony

  • Grace Drake, Piccolo (* Area Candidate)
  • Brittany Luan, Flute
  • Kiera Dicesare, Bassoon (* Area Candidate)
  • Boyang Liu, Bb Clarinet (* Area Candidate)
  • Taylor Thomas, Alto Saxophone
  • Henry Thompson, Tenor Saxophone (* Area Candidate)
  • Olivia Lamont, F Horn (* Area Candidate)
  • Brady Black, Percussion

Wind Ensemble

  • Andrew Kim, Oboe (* Area Candidate)
  • Diego Pena, Bassoon (* Area Candidate)
  • Drew Keady, Contra Bassoon (* Area Candidate)
  • Nicholas Walker, Bb Clarinet (* Area Candidate)
  • Tori Thomas, Bass Clarinet (* 2020 All-State Jazz member, so not eligible to advance to Area)
  • Caleb Schaunaman, F Horn (* Area Candidate)

Additionally, 11 students (noted below) placed at the very top of their sections, meaning they have qualified to the Area contest, and will audition January 11 for the opportunity to be a Texas All-State member and perform at the TMEA Convention in San Antonio in February.

  • Grace Drake (piccolo)
  • Andrew Kim (Oboe)
  • Diego Pena (Bassoon)
  • Kiera DiCesare (Bassoon)
  • Drew Keady (Contrabassoon)
  • Boyang Liu (Bb Clarinet)
  • Nick Walker (Bb Clarinet)
  • Emily Trinh (Eb Clarinet)
  • Henry Thompson (Tenor Saxophone)
  • Olivia Lamont (French Horn)
  • Caleb Schaunaman (French Horn)

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