Sunday, November 28, 2021

City Partners with Local Neighborhood to Expand Trails

The Clariden Ranch subdivision will be the first of its kind to partner with the City of Southlake to expand a neighborhood trail. City Council approved a matching funds project request during the December 3 City Council meeting for the expansion of the Cliffs Park Trail System, which is located within the subdivision.

The park is approximately 15 acres and features amenities such as benches and multi-use trails. The Clariden Ranch Home Owner’s Association sought to expand the trail system in order to preserve as much of the natural area as possible.

The expansion will include connecting two current sections of the trail, two benches and modifications to the irrigation system.

City Council approved a 100% match of funds in the amount of $38,500. The total project cost to connect the segment of the trail is $77,000.

This partnership allows the City to continue to build strong relationships by offering resources to collaborate on projects that serve community. This goal also applies to the 2030 Parks, Recreation and Open Space Community Master Plan, which focuses on the advancement and implementation of Southlake’s parks.

“Our neighborhood parks are an important feature in our park system,” Kate Meacham, Deputy Director of Community Services said, “They define the character of neighborhoods and allow recreational activities to be more accessible to that community.”

Funding for this proposed project will be provided through the Trails Matching Funds program. An application can be obtained by contacting the Community Services Department here.