Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Roundabout Opens on N. White Chapel

The City’s newest roundabout, located at N. White Chapel and Highland, opened both lanes to drivers on December 20.

Drivers are encouraged to be cautious and pay special attention as they enter and exit the roundabout. When entering a roundabout, yield to both lanes of traffic. As you approach the yield signs, look to your left and yield to the traffic that is already in the roundabout Remember, vehicles in the roundabout have the right-of-way and you must yield to all lanes of traffic in multi-lane roundabouts.

Make sure you slow down and follow the signage to choose the correct lane when approaching the roundabout. To turn left, use the left lane. To turn right, use the right lane. To go straight, you can use either lane unless otherwise indicated.

If there is no traffic in the roundabout, drivers are not required to come to a complete stop before entering the roundabout.

To learn how to navigate a roundabout, watch this video.

As with any mobility project, the City of Southlake will observe traffic and make any needed corrections so that drivers can navigate the roundabout safely. Click here to contact us about a traffic tip or question.

The roundabout was a major component of the first phase of the N. White Chapel widening project. Phase 2 of the project includes the widening of N. White Chapel from Emerald to Highland.

When the project is completed, N. White Chapel will be a divided, four-lane road between 114 and FM 1709, with new sidewalks for pedestrians. The entire project is estimated to cost over $17 million.

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