Saturday, December 4, 2021

Flag Flown Over Nation’s Capitol Presented to Dragon Media

U.S. Representative Ron Wright visited Carroll Senior High School this morning for a special presentation to the crew of Dragon Media.

In late November 2019, Dragon Media traveled the Washington D.C. to attend the National Journalism Education Association (JEA) Conference. During their visit, they were given a personal tour of the nation’s capitol from Representative Wright that included seats in the gallery during a congressional vote.

During their time in Washington D.C., Representative Wright requested that a US flag be flown over the capitol building in Dragon Media’s honor.

Today, he delivered and presented that flag to the students and teachers present on the trip. He spoke to the students on the importance of young, intelligent students learning the art of journalism for our country as a whole.

“Americans still rely on the journalist to inform them of what is happening around the world,” Representative Wright said. “Learning the steps of real journalism at this age, in a program like Dragon Media, is extremely important to the future of our country.”

For senior Libby Lester, the trip and this presentation were one of the many highlights of her final year at Carroll Senior High School.

“Seeing how the media works in the nations capitol was an incredible experience,” Lester said. “Seeing how politics and the media work together was extremely interesting.”

During the trip to Washington, the students had the opportunity to tour the White House and take a tour of the Newseum, and learned from industry professionals at the JEA conference.