Friday, August 12, 2022

Carroll ISD Offers Tuition Relief for Pre-K Families

At the March 24 regular meeting of the Carroll ISD School Board, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, Dr. Janet McDade presented a tuition relief plan for the parents of tuition-based pre-kindergarten students in Carroll ISD.

Carroll ISD has about 130 tuition-paying students in the Pre-K program. The goal of this plan is to pay teachers and still offer relief to tuition-paying families.

Families will receive credit for two weeks in March and will only be charged half of their monthly tuition charges during the emergency closure in order for the district to pay teachers. This relief plan will remain in place while the district is still under an emergency closure. When Carroll ISD reopens, the tuition will return to the full monthly amount.

If a parent chooses not to pay, the child will be unenrolled and lose the Pre-K services and their place in the program going forward. Parents of three-year-old Pre-K students who choose to unenroll will have to reapply to be included in the lottery the following year. The Pre-K lottery is the system Carroll ISD has in place to fill the open Pre-K class counts. Families that meet the Pre-K requirements can apply to have their child entered in the lottery. You can learn more about the Pre-K Lottery system here.

“During this time of uncertainty, we felt it was important that we not only continue to provide instruction to our youngest Dragons but also find a way to provide some relief to their families,” McDade said. “By cutting down on the cost of tuition, we can still maintain our program but also help our families.”

Executive Director of Special Programs, Tyisha Nelson sent a letter out to all tuition-based Pre-K parents that paid out the relief plan. To view that letter in its entirety, click here.

During the emergency closure, the district will continue to offer educational activities and lessons for the Pre-K students to complete at home. These lessons can be viewed on the COVID-19 webpage or by clicking here.


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