Friday, August 12, 2022

Students Take Part in COVID-19 Ask the Mayor Video Conference

Last week, a group of Carroll ISD students got the opportunity to ask Southlake Mayor Laura Hill questions about the city’s response to the recent outbreak of COVID-19. Questions ranged from how to support local businesses to what is the first thing you want to do when this ends.

Over the thirty-minute conversation, Mayor Hill listened and specifically answered each of the student’s questions. Johnson Elementary student, Millie Black asked the mayor what is her biggest challenge in keeping the citizens of Southlake safe during this virus?

“When I ran for mayor, I never envisioned that I would be sitting here talking to our citizens, young and old about a pandemic,” Mayor Hill answered. “I know students are having to learn to study different right now, I am having to learn how to mayor differently.”

Mayor Hill went on to talk about the importance of listening to the worries and needs of Southlake residents, how we can support the restaurant and small businesses in the city.

“It is time to shop Southlake for everything. Shop Southlake!”

Walnut Grove student, Finnegan McDevitt asked what will Mayor Hill do first as soon as the social distancing guidelines and public gathering guidelines are lifted.

“I am going to hug the first person I see and go to a restaurant and order a big pizza and enjoy time with my friends”

Below you can view the entire conversation

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