Sunday, June 4, 2023

Let’s Talk Roundabouts: Single and Dual-Lane

Currently, there are six roundabouts located within Southlake: N. White Chapel/Dove Road, Dove Road/Peytonville, Carroll/Dove, Carroll/Continental, S. White Chapel/Continental and N. White Chapel/Highland. The roundabout located at Zena Rucker Road and Tower Boulevard will be the seventh once construction is complete.

Out of the six roundabouts, four are single-lane and two are dual-lane. The new roundabout that will be located on Zena Rucker Road will also be a single-lane. The driving rules of a single and dual-lane roundabout require the following:

  • Slow down to the posted advisory speed
  • Look to your left to monitor traffic in the roundabout and check crosswalks for pedestrians
  • Yield to pedestrians and vehicles within the roundabout
  • Enter the roundabout and drive in a counterclockwise direction
  • Use your turn signals as you approach the desired exit

When approaching any roundabout, make sure you slow down and yield to traffic that is already in it. If you plan to turn right at the roundabout, use the right turn lane, if one is provided, and yield to vehicles exiting the roundabout. Be sure to watch out for pedestrians in the crosswalk. If you plan to go straight or turn left, watch vehicles to your left and enter only when you see a gap in the traffic. Drive into the roundabout in a counterclockwise direction. Before you approach the desired exit, please signal accordingly.


When navigating a dual-lane roundabout, as seen at the intersection of N. White Chapel Blvd and Highland, additional steps are required. Pay attention to the signs when approaching the roundabout and select the appropriate lane along N White Chapel based on the direction you want to go. Do not pass other vehicles or change lanes within the roundabout. All of the exits out of the roundabout are to the right. If you’re looking to turn right at the roundabout, you must be in the right lane upon approach. If you’re looking to continue straight through the roundabout, the second exit, you can be in either the left or right lane. If you’re looking to turn left at the roundabout, you need to be in the left lane upon entry and take the third exit to the right. If you’re looking to completely turn around, you must be in the left lane upon approach, pass all three exits, and continue in the opposite direction you came. Make sure to use your turn signal to alert other drivers you are exiting the roundabout.

Drivers approaching the roundabout from Highland St are in a single lane and can turn right using the right lane of the roundabout from E Highland St or the dedicated right turn lane from W Highland St. All Highland St traffic that is not turning right must yield to both lanes of traffic in the roundabout and then get into the left lane.


Here’s a quick video on navigating roundabouts.

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