Thursday, December 8, 2022

Southlake Police Department Welcomes New Officer

Officer Christopher Farrill recently joined the Southlake Police Department after a 20-year career at Jiffy Lube, where he started as a technician and eventually reached Executive Vice President of Operations.  Before leaving Jiffy Lube, he oversaw 550 stores in over 26 states and had 4,200 team members on his staff.  While he loved his career, his true passion was to become a police officer.

Officer Farrill ultimately tested with the Southlake Police Department because he felt that the atmosphere and teamwork were genuine.  He believes that police officers have the opportunity to see people at their most critical moments in their lives, and he hopes to make a positive impact on everyone with whom he interacts.

“I wanted a career I could look back on and feel like I helped my community at the end of the day,” he said.

Officer Farrill completed the 23-week Basic Police Officer Academy on May 15th, and is now onto his field training with current Southlake officers.  “We are excited that Officer Farrill chose Southlake PD, and we look forward to the great things he will do for our department and the community we serve,” said Assistant Police Chief Ashleigh Casey.

“I expect to be constantly learning and getting better in my craft,” said Officer Farrill.