Monday, July 4, 2022

What is a CIP Project?

The City of Southlake often refers to the Capital Improvement Program when citing projects and infrastructure, such as mobility projects.

The program, often referred to as CIP, is a five-year plan the City has in place for construction of new or investing in the replacement of the City’s physical assets or infrastructure. The City utilizes cash and proceeds from bond sales to fund CIP projects.

With CIP, City staff can budget and identify projects that otherwise cannot be addressed due to funding limitations within the annual operating budget or limited, internal resources or manpower.

When it comes to mobility, this five-year program identifies construction projects identified and prioritized within the Southlake 2030 and Southlake 2035 master plans.

The Mobility 2030 Master Plan includes several citywide plans that prioritize the development of thoroughfares, sidewalks, trails and parks. The recommendations within the plan serve as a guide to the development of CIP projects as well as departmental business plans.

Two major mobility CIP projects currently in progress are the N. White Chapel Widening and Zena Rucker Connector.

Other projects such as the SH 114 Frontage Roads and FM 1938 improvements are managed by the Texas Department of Transportation. The City often partners with TxDOT, contributing to these projects financially, while TxDOT manages and oversees construction.

You can view active and upcoming projects on our interactive CIP map. Find more information about the Capital Improvement Program and the 2030 Mobility Master Plan on our website.