Friday, December 2, 2022

Join the Mayor’s Alliance for Unity and Culture

The Mayor’s Alliance for Unity and Culture is accepting applications for additional members. Applications are open for the Mayor’s Alliance for Unity and Culture until July 30.

In late 2018, Mayor Laura Hill met with Southlake students to engage in conversations about creating meaningful change after a video surfaced on social media showing local teens chanting racist words. Shortly after, the Mayor and City Council created the Mayor’s Alliance and appointed the first members to act in an advisory capacity to the Council and city staff in the planning and implementation of programs and activities involving diversity, inclusion, and equality.

“The Alliance has accomplished great work since being appointed,” said Mayor Laura Hill. “Many of the events to bring the community together in 2020 have been impacted by COVID-19, and the group is pivoting their plan to unite the community virtually until it is safe for us to gather in-person.”

In the Alliance’s first year the group established their strategic direction, developed and conducted a Community Survey, workshopped and established recommendations for a Community Action Plan, hosted a joint art exhibit with the Southlake Arts Council, participated in other city-wide community events, established a 2020 calendar of community events, expanded Celebrate Southlake into a weekend-long community-building event to include a Community Dinner and family trivia day.

“I have heard from so many students, business owners, and residents that are wanting to make a change in our community. We are expanding the Alliance so that more voices can be represented and heard,” added the Mayor. “I believe in Southlake, and I believe in anyone who is willing to stand up with me to make Southlake the best it can be.”

The Alliance is open to members of established boards and commissions, community interest, and philanthropic groups, the faith-based community, the business community, or any other interested individual including students.

For more information about the Mayor’s Alliance for Unity and Culture or to apply, please visit