Sunday, May 28, 2023

Let’s Make Southlake Count! – 2020 US Census Count Winding Down

As the door to door field operations get underway in Southlake and in other Tarrant County cities, the push is on to wrap up the 2020 US Census.

The Bureau announced in early August that they would wrap up field operations on September 30, one month early. Self-response options will also close on that date so the Bureau can submit the information by their mandated deadline of December 31.

Right now, Southlake’s current response rate is at 80.7%, which is just below the 2010 response rate of 81.8%.

“Every response counts,” said Mayor Laura Hill. “Even if you’ve responded, ask your friends and neighbors if they’ve submitted their information.  I’ll bet you’d be surprised at the number of people who haven’t had a chance to participate. If you haven’t yet, just go online, it only takes about five minutes.”

Southlake’s Community Engagement Committee is also getting involved by using social media and reaching out one-on-one.

“Southlake has changed a great deal since 2010,” said Sherry Berman, Community Engagement Committee Chairman. “A complete count will help make sure our City neighborhoods and businesses get the support they need for the next ten years. The CEC team is excited to be involved.”

Community Engagement Members include Ms. Berman, Vandana Tanneru, Vikram Jangam, Ben Siebach, Jessica Coffee, and Rashmi Singh.

For more information about the 2020 Census, visit the website. To learn more about Southlake’s efforts in support of the Census, click here: