Friday, September 29, 2023

Encore of Carroll Choir Selected as Quarterfinalists

Congratulations to Encore of Carroll Senior High for being selected as a Quarterfinalist for the 16th season of the ICHSA!

Quarterfinal 5
Encore | Carroll Senior High
Infiniti | Rockwall Heath High School
PFC | MacArthur High School
Pitch Black | Harker Heights High School
Sting | Rockwall High School
VOLT | Lebanon Trail High School
Vox Cor | James Earl Rudder High School
Zero Hour | Warren HS

Members of Carroll Encore

  • Kayla Beaird
  • Sophia Deng
  • Alexander Griffin
  • Kirti Kanatala
  • Nora Sammons
  • Anna Scherler
  • Adam Szkudlarek
  • Valeria Briones-Herrera
  • Jackson Lambeth
  • Michael Mazey
  • Erin Pitcher
  • Desmond Reusch
  • Raina Tewari
  • Debopreeta Bhattacharya
  • Craig Harriman
  • Davis Hayes
  • Evan Kopf

ICHSA (International Competition of High School Acapella)
In 2021, the 16th season of our ICHSA tournament will take place in a fully virtual style and will feature nearly 3,000 performers in 193 groups from high schools across 30 states and two countries!

This season, competitors face the challenge of creating a 4-minute music video in lieu of a traditional competition set, all while maintaining appropriate social distancing measures. The difficulty of learning and performing music, and creating something vocally and visually artistic and appealing — without being able to come together in a traditional way — is considerable. And: all audio and video recording, mixing, and editing must be done by group members and their director — which means many are already working on acquiring these new skills.

2021 ICHSA Competition Structure
High school groups will compete in 6 regions: Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Northeast, South, and West. The tournament begins in the quarterfinal rounds, where the top two groups advance to the regional semifinal. The top group from each semifinal will advance to ICHSA Finals.

All “events” — quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals — will take place virtually, as playlists of the groups’ competition videos. All quarterfinal playlists will be released Feb. 13; semifinals in all regions will drop March 13; and ICHSA Finals on April 17.

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