Sunday, April 14, 2024

Carroll ISD Provides COVID-19 Update to Parents and Staff

On Wednesday, November 11, the Carroll ISD Leadership Team sent out a COVID-19 Update to all parents and staff in the district.

Carroll ISD stated that they are closely monitoring the rising number of active COVID-19 cases in Tarrant County and reinforcing their daily screening and safety protocols with staff, students and parents. In order for the district to remain open for in-person instruction and extracurricular activities, the community must all work together to minimize the risks and exposure to COVID-19.

Wednesday evening, a number of communications went out to several campuses to inform staff and parents of eight new student cases and seven new staff cases. These span across seven of the district’s 11 campuses and work sites. With 8,300 students and nearly 1,200 staff members, CISD’s active cases stand at 28 students and 19 staff members. CISD’s COVID-19 Dashboard has been updated to reflect the number of cases on each campus.

While the district is watching the number of quarantines required and the impact of available substitutes, the facts of each case continue to show an increase in exposure due to weekend and social gatherings, as well as sibling and family exposure. Carroll ISD is encouraging students and staff to follow mask mandates and safety protocols while at school, including remaining six feet apart when at all possible, washing hands with soap and water regularly, and staying home when experiencing any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19. The district believes the distancing measures, masks, and various safety protocols being implemented by their staff, coaches, and fine arts directors at school have been working.

Complicating the matter, many staff and students are experiencing symptoms related to other illnesses but must remain at home until they can test negative for COVID-19. Carroll ISD is currently experiencing difficulties in filling all of its vacancies with substitutes, not because they do not have enough trained substitutes in the system, but because individuals are not always accepting the jobs. The district is asking that if someone is an approved substitute in the district’s system, please consider helping the staff who are out due to quarantine requirements, ill family members and/or symptoms they themselves are experiencing. The district is asking that their employees limit evening and weekend social gatherings with other CISD staff members to prevent unnecessary exposure and required quarantines.

The goal is to offer Dragon families the choice of in-person or virtual instruction for as long as the district is safely able and to include extracurricular activities and athletics following guidance from the UIL. Contacts at the Tarrant County Public Health Department continue to be pleased with CISD’s procedures and safety protocols and have encouraged the district to be diligent in enforcing safe practices and asking students and staff to minimize their risk of exposure by limiting non-essential social events and large group gatherings. The district’s epidemiologist has confirmed that they have no known “outbreaks” of COVID-19 traced back to a specific CISD school or program. They urge CISD to be diligent and not change their current practices.

The district will continue the contact tracing and reporting protocols that have successfully been implemented under the direction of the Tarrant County Public Health since school opened on August 24. Safety remains a top priority as the district strives to maintain as normal an educational learning environment as we can for all children.

You can view the Carroll ISD COVID-19 Dashboard by clicking here.

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